21 - 22 June, 2016
International Conference Centre, Suzhou, China

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The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Data Analytics

If you are implementing data analytics for your shared services centre, look no further than this ultimate guide. Featuring the essential steps to beginning your implementation, advice on how to attract and retain data scientists and insights and insights into how data analytics is transforming the shared services sector. Download...

7th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Suzhou Summit Brochure (S)

Download 7th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Suzhou Summit Brochure to see full agenda and the expert speakers you will meet there.

Implementing E-Invoicing in Asia: DHL Asia Pacific

To learn about the implementation process involved in e-invoicing, we spoke with Ross Mackay, DHL’s Asia Pacific Head of Global Finance Services, winner of the 2014 SSON award for best finance transformation and driving force behind DHL’s e-invoicing journey.

Convince Your Boss Letter

Look forward to meeting you in Shared Services & Outsourcing Suzhou Summit!

China’s Shared Services Market Report 2015

China’s shared service sector is booming as cost factors and government incentives encourage multi-national companies and privately owned ventures to start their shared services journey. Download this 18 page market report to discover what is fuelling the market, the upcoming trends for 2016, how the Chinese services market can differentiate...



Helping China's Shared Services Sector Step into the Future: Parts 1 and 2

In order to flourish, China’s shared services sector needs to transition from providing low cost services to high value solutions, however this transition will not be easy. It requires modernising the people, processes and technology that underpin the industry in order to perform more complex higher value tasks. To help,...

助推中国共享服务迈向未来: 第一, 二部分

中国共享服务中心行业需要摆脱对低成本优势的依赖,然而由低成本到高价值服务行业的过渡将举步维艰。它需要中国的共享服务中心实现其人力、流程和技术的现 代化,从而完成更复杂、价值更高的任务。为此,这本35页的电子书重点解析构成共享服务中心的人员,业务流程和著名企业的共享服务实操案例。点击链接下载 即可。

Helping China's Shared Services Sector Step into the Future: Part 3

In part 3 of this guide we examine the technology implementation strategies China’s shared services must leverage to move up the value chain. This 24 page ebook provides essential advice and case studies covering data analytics, robotic process automation and how to get executive buy-in for your technology implementations. Click...

助推中国共享服务迈向未来第三部分: 技术解决方案